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  • Instruction & Support for your journey up the levels

  • Starting your young horse & preparing for inspection

  • Cross Training

  • Clinincs, including Caprilli exercises to benefit all discilines


When arriving in the US I realized, per standards, medals were more important than an instructor certification. So I found myself a young partner in my price range, which wasn’t much. Together we have overcome a number of challenges with lots of smiles along the way. Slowly, through all the levels, we have gone from a discarded project to FEI partner. Of course we also added fox hunting, show jumping and lots of trails for conditioning and variation, we are serious about our cross training. Grateful for our improvements, still a long way to go. After all, it’s about the journey. And I would love to help you on yours. 

"The horse can only be considered resisting if he understands what you're asking, and is physically able to comply. Otherwise he is simply asking for help.
Horses go as they are ridden."
Private lessons $70
Package - 5 sessions $300
Full training min. of 3 weekly sessions $45
Package - 5 sessions $200
Clinics including Caprilli exercises to benefit all disciplines. Customized to your needs.
The International Training Scale
Many of the phases somewhat intertwine and can be hard to clearly separate from one another at times. Some phases switch order in curtain riding traditions. The idea remains the same, by using a defined system while training you can easily troubleshoot when running into problems, take a step back on the scale, and you will appear clearer in your communication with your horse. The training scale should also educate riders to focus on the different phases of the horses work in the right order. This is true for every individual session, the warm-up, main work and cooling off, as well as the horse’s individual long-term training plan.

"Horses go as they are ridden"

with Jenny Gardner

in Tryon, North Carolina

Tel: 828-702-4443
 Located in Tryon, North Carolina, Jenny will travel to your farm to help you find the missing piece.
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