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  • Weekly group lessons
  • Private coaching and training rides
  • Starting of the young horse
  • Cross training clinics
The horse can only be considered resisting if he understands what you're asking, and is physically able to comply. Otherwise he is simply asking for help. Commitment to consistent, progressive education is the ticket.
"Horses go as they are ridden."
After all, it’s about the journey. And I would love to help you on yours.
Group lessons
Structured by level, beginner to advanced
4-6 riders/group
1 hour lesson/week, same time every week
$25 per session with commitment to full semester (3 months, 12 lessons) = $300
~ Make sure you read cancellation policy ~
COVID protocol
Training level
Intro level
Private session
Private coaching and Training rides
First level
Second level
The Training pyramid
Many of the phases somewhat intertwine and can be hard to clearly separate from one another at times. Some phases switch order in curtain riding traditions. The idea remains the same, by using a clear system while training it will be easier to evaluate progress, efficiency and morale will remain higher, and it’s easy to take a strategic step back when the foundation needs strengthening. Clear is kind. 
"Horses go as they are ridden"