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It's true what they say, the only thing consistent is change. Seasons, moon cycles, birth, death and everything in between. When in the saddle this life lesson, like many others, becomes vividly illustrated. For a moment we grasp that feeling of self carriage, balance and harmony that we seek. Than we loose it. It’s flighty like a barn swallow. We can't wrestle it or man handle it. If forced the true value is lost. We have to let it ebb and flow. We have to learn to listen, to adapt. Which is not the same as being passive or inactive! Being washed out with the current serves no one. By embracing change it can actually work in our favor. We will change the top line, the amount of bend, the length of stride. Ride transitions within the gaits and between them. We take what the horse offers and try our best to enhance it, for the benefit of both. By embracing change we can find balance. If we bend we don't break as easy.

Let's break it down, literally, into smaller pieces. Riding quality transitions every time you ride is paramount. Carl Hester is quoted recommending a minimum of 200 transitions every ride. How about we shoot for at least 50? We have talked about the importance of creating opportunities to give. How it's the release that teaches. Transitions are the epiphany of that. Learning to ride your downward transitions in an upward fashion without much rein is life changing. Search this feeling.

We have also talked about the illusion of control. To ride well we have to be willing to give it up, to be vulnerable. Riding well-balanced transitions is a great way to channel the energy without stifling it. Let the dance begin.

Rhythm Timing Artistry

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