• Jenny Gardner

The gift of reflection

This is the season, and as always the horse offers us the most perfect gift. No judgment, just a perfect mirror of what we put in. As humans, we easily fall from one extreme to the other. Either we believe we have most things right, and the horse is the problem, or we beat ourselves up so hard for not being perfect that it can become paralyzing. Neither state will serve the horse or facilitate growth. I have always felt the example horses set, leading the way with an open heart and incredible ability to forgive is so humbling. It’s true what they say, learning to become a good horsewoman takes generations. We all strive for perfection every day but can rest assured we will never get there. Embracing lifelong learning is essential for every rider, and quite a lovely way to live. It sure never gets boring, and we wake up every day with a purpose! Accepting the feedback from the horse, delivered honestly and without judgment helps us learn to accept the constructive criticism without blaming ourselves for what we don’t yet know. Love yourself. Love your horse. Love the journey. Happy holidays!

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