• Jenny Gardner

More leg?

We have been talking a lot this week about working smarter not harder. A favorite coach of mine said “use your skill not your strength”. We don’t need more leg. We need a better response to the aid. This is where your training comes in, and the realization that every single ride will leave your horse with an impression of what you expect, your personal agreement reinforced. What that is, is up to you.

In the same spirit we have discussed the importance of never nagging, neither with your hand, seat or leg. We have to create opportunities to give, over and over again. Keep yourself and your horse accountable, give your independent seat and the horses self carriage a chance to develop. You have to LET GO. I like the reminder of the importance of silence, or rest, in a music piece. Without it the notes will become overwhelming and turn into a nuisance and loose it’s meaning, the same is true for your aids if each ask is not followed be a release.

You can’t push water, you have to let it flow.

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