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Let’s start at the beginning

This week all groups are reviewing the schooling patterns. To maneuver the different geometrical figures in balance the horses spine need to line up with the track we wish to travel. To accomplish this both horse and rider need to learn flexion and bend as well as correct turning aids. We will discuss the “what“ “why” and “how“ in class, going into detail and fair expectations for each level, and than work throughout the semester to improve the quality. Take a look at the statements below. Which ones make sense to you? Which ones are you familiar with and what might be new? Do you understand the reason and purpose behind each suggestion? I personally like to review topics in different literature and compare notes. Different traditions will vary. As always, read printed and recorded material with a critical mind, checking credentials and sources.

Vertical flexion - flexion in the last two vertebrates only, you should see eyelash and nostril from the saddle. Bend - from poll to tail, around your inside leg into the outside rein. More or less

according to the track to travel on or the directives of the exercise.

“You may have flexion without bend, but not bend without flexion.”

“Your hips should always match your horses hips, and your shoulders should always

match your horses shoulders.”

“As we learn to ride, we quickly need to move away from the over use of the inside

rein, especially relying on it for turning aids.”

How to you personally break down, and prepare for, your turns? What are the

consequences of your current habits? Good and bad?

Below are a few illustrations from a favorite book “Riding logic” by W Museler.

I had trouble added the vide illustrations, so will post them in the group chat for now. See y’all in the sandbox for practice this week!

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