• Jenny Gardner

Let’s be progressive

Welcome to the second semester! Let's start out right, looking at the purpose of the challenges we have in front of us, and consider possible benefits with using a lesson plan intended to follow the training pyramid.

One of my favorite things with dressage based training is the progressive nature. One building block lay the foundation to the next. If you do your due diligence, focusing on the essential, but sometimes tedious basics, the pieces eventually falls into place almost like magic. It makes sense. The movements are no longer forced circus tricks but rather the expression of a balanced body built with gymnastics. It takes time and commitment. You have to wait for the fruit to ripen.

"Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible."

Francis of Assisi

Another wonderful benefit of following a methodical system is that you can easily simplify and problem solve when need be. Help your horse improve the missing links until the whole picture comes together. Here the training pyramid is our guide, always keep it fresh in your mind. Since the movements fit together and build upon one another, we can improve movements that we struggle with without nagging our partner to death. By choosing exercises that addresses the smaller, necessary ingredients, repairing and maintaining our foundation, we will find that the next movement eventually is within reach.

The dressage tests are a wonderful tool here even if you don't plan to compete. They are designed with the training pyramid in mind, clearly states expectations and introduces movements in the correct order. In next weeks blog post we will look at how some of these movements connect.

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