• Jenny Gardner

If you take shortcuts, you get cut short

One of my favorite coaches from back home use to say "talant is overrated, blood sweat and tears will bring you further". I would find some comfort in this, when as a teenager I saw people around me that were handed opportunities such as equipment, facilities and extremely talented horses, due to strong financial backing. I believe this to be true, what comes easy won’t last and what last won't come easy. There is such satisfaction and gratitude that comes from developing grit and sincere effort. Many of the kids I grew up with, or worked for, stopped riding. Walked away from a barn full of wonderful horses. I still can't think of a better way to spend my days.

Along these same lines comes the habit of celebrating each fall or "gravity check" as a birthday. New experience gained. Remember, FAIL = First Attempt In Learning. And no smooth sea ever made a sailor. Don't be afraid to fail, be afraid not to try. I realize I'm spitting quotations... Riding horses so often seems like the perfect metaphor for life. Over and over again the horses leads us to what really matters.

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