• Jenny Gardner

Excuse me

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

It happens. We all at times fall short of our own expectations. Loose motivation or focus. Reach for the instant gratification whatever it may be. It's part of the human experience, rising above is part of the challenge. This week I was tempted to soften my fall with excuses. We went to a horse show, we had done our homework and felt the promise of improvement. Funny how it's always easier to ride at home. Excuse no 1 right there. No surprise that performing in a new environment away from the familiar routines is part of the challenge. Scratch that excuse right away. There are a million others I can wrap myself with, soften the disappointment, feel better and cover the bruise. But none of them will serve me. Not a single one. They will actually all prevent me from the benefit of the full learning experience. They might seem comforting in the moment, but they will only guarantee I will have to experience the harsh reality again and again. Until I accept it, embrace it, and allow it to help me grow.

Considering circumstantial, physical or emotional challenges are valid and important. Especially those that pertain to our equine partner. They should all be an integral part of the planning and goal setting. Once we have decided what we want to strive for and made sure it's fair and beneficial to our horse, those conditions can not be called on as an excuse. That will only mitigate our efforts. Don't shrink yourself to a victim. Rise

to the challenge. Grow wings. I don't think Red Bull's are required, but an equine friend sure helps!! Rain, chemo or fear be dammed.

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