Photo by Helena Savenius
EQUESTRIAN101 offers a European style riding academy with weekly group lessons for students with their own horse. By focusing on a solid foundation, we develop happy and sound athletes that are prepared to excel in any discipline.  We use a variety of exercises always guided by the training pyramid. 
Growing up I learned to appreciate all the benefits group lessons bring to the table. The visual feedback gained while watching your fellow riders solve problems, make mistakes and succeed speeds up the learning process, especially for visual learners. Sharing your coaches attention fosters individual responsibility and allows for independent time to explore effective use of aids, developing better body awareness. The camaraderie and support makes the journey so much better, shared joy is amplified and struggles easier to overcome.
Cross Training
"Any benefits from early concentration on a single sport tend to be offset by the limitations in motor skill development, a greater risk of overuse injuries, and boredom. Young horses undoubtedly benefit from early diversification, and statistics show that if horses compete in two or more disciplines before they are 7 years old, they have longer competitive careers than those that participate in only one sport."
- Hilary Clayton BVMS, PhD, Diplomate ACVSMR, MRCVS
"Group lessons with a price that allows for consistency, and
an inspirational content that inspires growth."